Survival Japanese

Survival Japanese Course

Survival Japanese Course 8 Lessons, 90 minutes per lesson.

Learning objectives

  • The course aims at providing guidance to enable students making basic communications with Japanese people in various daily life scenarios.


  • You will learn helpful expressions for a various number of expressions.
  • You will learn how to answer simple questions with necessary answers.
  • You will learn how to understand simple conversations.
  • You will understand the Japanese culture and habits systematically.
  • Teachers are capable of giving instructions in English.


  1. 1) Greetings and introducing yourself.
  2. 2) Restaurant and Fast Food
  3. 3) Shopping
  4. 4) Travel Directions
  5. 5) Every day Activities (Verbs)
  6. 6) Permission & Request
  7. 7) Expressing impressions
  8. 8) Review

We also offer other online group lessons covering different levels and interests, ranging from lessons for zero beginners, survival Japanese, Conversation, Pronunciation, Newspaper, Novels to Translation and more!

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