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Beri Juraic

I have previously lived and studied in Japan when I was younger, but have had limited exposure to Japanese for nearly 12 years. Three years ago I started studying Japanese again at a university in London. At the university our focus was mainly on grammar and building vocabulary and there was really very little practical skills in writing and speaking, so I decided to go to Japan to practice these. However, it was really hard to find a school that offered modern teaching methods and which would suit my needs of focusing on writing and speaking skills only. I researched for three months until I found Wahaha. It seemed like a perfect fit. I contacted them and immediately got a response back. This continued throughout my pre-arrival correspondace with the School. I never waited more than a day to receive a reply and sometimes even sooner.

I opted for a 2-week private course as I didn’t have much holidays and time to do a longer cohrse. I was a bit nervous about what I would be able to learn and my own progress. However, all this was unfounded as the teachers Naoko, Hiromi and Mayumi made it so enjoyable. They each have their own set of teaching methods which complement each other so well. I was impressed with my progress. In two weeks, I wrote seven essays and I could really see how my writing skills improved. They gave me so many useful tips. I only needed working on accuracy of my speaking, but I was also very happy with the progress in that area as I learned new words. I enjoyed learning about various lingustic nuances. We also laughed a lot during the classes which is important in my opinion. On my return to London, I passed my final exam with flying colours!

I also wanted to stay with the host family as I believe that’s the best way to learn speaking Japanese. The School managed to find me a very nice family only 20 minutes for the School. I really enjoyed my time with the family and at weekend we went to Yanagawa and other places near Fukuoka.

There were also fun activities with the school. Teachers took me to try takiyaki, best udon in Fukuoka, etc. For the final day to a sushi restaurant where you can have a go at catching your own fish.

All in all, Wahaha is the best school if your looking for a course that is tailored for your individual needs.