Anais (October 2016)


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Anais (October 2016)


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 Anais (October 2016)

Why did you choose Fukuoka?

I chose Fukuoka for two reasons. One is that Fukuoka is cheaper and pleasant. The other is that I absolutely wanted to meet my Japanese penpal


What did you think of Fukuoka?

For me, Fukuoka is very fun. I am interested in Shrines and Temples, and I really liked them. Since Fukuoka is a big city, there are a lot of shops, malls and many different good restaurants. Both culture and nature are pleasant. The first time I went to Oohori Park, I was really surprised!


What did you think of Wahaha? What about the teachers?

I really liked the teachers and how Wahaha works. I think small group lessons are best for progression. Everyone was really nice too! And the events were super-fun!


What is your best memory of Wahaha?

A fun memory? The Oktoberfest was really fun. I do not drink, but the atmosphere was good.I also liked having dinners with the teachers and their friends


What would your advice to new students be?

I would say to them “Ganbatte kudasai”. Go to many places, talk a lot of Japanese (study everyday), and have fun! It sounds like “Take that chance and do your best!”, doesn’t it?


Anyway, thanks to everyone! Let’s meet again! (^◇^)