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Lars Junker

Eager to study the language, I came to Fukuoka and spent 6 month at the WAHAHA language school. Fukuoka’s laid back way of life and the school teachers in particular made this experience very special.

Learning the language at WAHAHA was extremely engaging and well structured. The teachers understood the needs of each individual student and presented us with a lesson structure that was engaging and productive.

Every day you certainly feel you are progressing.Lars-01.jpg

I really enjoyed the small class size which made the lessons much more productive in general. Constantly being able to ask and answer questions and the interactions with the teacher and classmates were just so important in progressing and getting better each day.

If I needed more time and practice with a certain topic, the teachers were more than happy to prepare private lessons and specific homework for me to tackle my weak points.

All in all from a learning perspective this is probably as good as it gets…and that made me leave the school each day with a huge smile on my face.

Lars-02.jpgI knew I just had to ask the teachers if I got stuck with something without searching books and the internet for dubious answers.

Of course you have to be a bit proactive if there is something in particular that you need. The teachers can’t see in your head to figure out what that is…but once you do speak out, you were met with enthusiasm and great effort to correct your individual problems and make you learn better.

The city of Fukuoka certainly is a highlight on its own. The city itself has everything to offer that you will ever need…from quiet mountains and beaches to a bustling inner city, entertainment, shopping, culture etc. The people are super friendly, wherever you go the food is great, costs of living is very inexpensive, transportation is a blast…let it be train, buses, international airport…Lars-03.jpg

I arrived in the summer and it felt there was an event around every corner throughout the following month.

All in all what surprised me the most however was the true enthusiasm of the teachers and their way of treating each student on a personal level.

Taking us out to dinner, karaoke, bars etc. ….helping us out if we needed anything in our daily life… Each teacher always had an ear for you and I can only describe the school atmosphere as a very professional yet extremely welcoming and loving one.

I learnt more than I thought I would and made good friends along the way. Thanks to everyone at WAHAHA my adventure certainly just started and I can’t wait to be back to continue.