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Rad Virbickas

I have had a great opportunity to do a translation course. It is definitely a one of a kind course in Fukuoka. Best part about it - one on one private lessons. To advance one’s Japanese to a new level as fast as possible, private lessons are a must!

This month-long course had everything I needed to gain valuable knowledge about the translation field, how to become a successful translator and how to get ahead of a competition. Private lessons helped me improve my Japanese language skills greatly. Teachers in this school are truly interesting, fun and most importantly - very informative. Lessons provided by professional translators where amazing! We worked on translating actual documents, essays, articles etc. and they shared their tips and tricks of working efficiently, shared their experience in the field, their mistakes, how they became successful and gave a lot of advice on how I could become successful.

I have studied 1 year and 3 months in other language school, but I wish I chose WAHAHA right from the beginning. Rad-03.jpegWAHAHA might be a little bit more expensive than other schools, but the teachers are more professional, the studies are way more interesting and a private lessons will make your Japanese skills improve rapidly, so the knowledge you gain and the fun that you have is invaluable!

Also, if you get tired from a studying routine, WAHAHA is definitely a best party school in Fukuoka! WAHAHA often has social events, where you can put your Japanese into a practice and make a lot of friends!