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Business Course / Internship Course

Standard Course Working Holiday Course

Business Course / Internship Course

The Business Course: For those who want to conduct business using Japanese, we have tailored and combined a course which includes 10 special-designed classes to simulate a real life working environment and a course which enables students to utilize everything from appropriate business conduct to Japanese communication skills. The Business Course will prepare and get our students ready for the business world.

Business Course

Lesson Information

Lesson Length:

180 min./day (three 60 min. lessons, five times per week) × 2 weeks (Cannot be extended.*)

Course Fee:

¥70,000(2weeks)・Admission fee ¥10,500・Course materials ¥10,500

Level Requirements:

JLPT N3 level students and above

Starting Date:

every Monday

Lesson Contents

This course is designed by WAHAHA Japanese Language School specifically for individuals who require communication skills for the Japanese workplace and knowledge of Japanese business etiquette. In addition to reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice, classroom activities also include role-playing various business situations.

This course is aimed at students who intend to work in an international business environment with a Japanese company. Students will learn the appropriate honorific Japanese and other communication skills required for working with Japanese businesses.

The aim is for students to be able to communicate appropriately in a workplace, and in the ten lessons of this course, students will participate in many role-play exercises to practice skills.

Students who complete this course may participate in an internship.

Lesson Materials

A selection of carefully prepared materials, featuring a variety of real-world role-playing tasks, is used to help build the practical skills necessary for Japanese business settings. DVDs, CDs, and other supplemental materials may be also used.

Completion Certificate

Students who complete this course will receive a Completion Certificate.

Lesson Information

  • Basic Etiquette
  • Greeting and Self Introduction
  • Honorifics
  • Being an attendant and visiting clients
  • Asking permission
  • Request and rejection
  • Suggestion and offering
  • Phone call
  • Preparation for job interview and writing resume
  • Summarize

In addition, when the company has been decided, individual training will be provided.


Internship Course

Lesson Information

Lesson Length: 180 min./day(three 60 min. lessons, five times per week) × 2weeks (Can be extended by weekly increments.)

Course Fee:

¥120,000 (includes admission fee, course materials, 30 hours of business lessons, company introduction fee and consultation for the period of the internship.

Level Requirement:

JLPT N3 level students and above

Starting Date:

every Monday

Lesson Contents

Students who complete the ten lesson Business Lessons can participate in an internship. WAHAHA works to ensure workplaces are found to match requests from participants. And, WAHAHA staff will continue to support participants during the internship. On the completion of the internship, a Certificate of Completion and an Evaluation Report will be given to the participant.

Japanese Language Ability

1. Japanese level Equivalent to the JLPT N3 level or above

2. Student with Completion of Prior Traineeship Business Lesson (30mins) JLPT N1, N2, N3 Level

Types of visa

Tourist Visa (valid for 3 months)

The US and European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey.

Working Holiday Visa (valid for 6 months ~ 1 year)

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Student Visa (Depends on the study period)

All countries

*Internship Participants who lack required Japanese communication ability, may be asked to take Japanese language lessons.

Internship Period

Minimum of 1 week. Extension is possible with consent from both the employers and the employees.

Follow-ups by our school during the period of internship

  • 1. Counselling with students and advice on work contents (once a week) When problems occur, we provide consulting service in English, Chinese or Korean.
  • 2. Japanese language improving lessons according to students’ work contents.
  • 3. Staff will visit the company providing the internship.
  • 4. Contact and adjustment with companies; suggest solutions when problems occur.
  • 5. Daily Life support
  • ・Introduce accommodation (student dormitories, shared apartments, private apartments, home-stays) ¥10,500 will be charged for arranging accommodation.
  • ・Support and help solving problems and procedures necessary for daily life. Steps for internship

The Steps for applying for an Internship.

  • Student Counselling
    Check student’s Japanese level and skills and complete “entry sheet” to be submitted to companies.
  • Matching Students to Companies
    Choose the proper candidate with consideration of both the student’s desired conditions and company’s requirements.
  • Consulting with Prospective Companies
    Companies Submitting student’s information and arranging interviews.
  • Deciding On Companies
    Issue and exchange of memorandums with companies and confirm insurance and contract contents.
  • Final Agreement Between Students and Companies
    Final check on questions, company rules, and the needs of preliminary job training.
  • Signing Agreements
    Check documents and conclude agreements.
  • Start Internship
    On the first day, a member of staff from our school will go with you and do final checks.

On completion of an internship, business will give participants a Completion Certificate and an Evaluation Report.

Photographs of businesses which offer internships.

Sutton Hotel Fukuoka

A conveniently located and trendy city hotel for tourists.

Internship Position

Front Desk Assistance and Translation Work.


A travel agent providing services which suit each and every customer’s needs.

Internship Position

Telephone Inquiries, Sales Assistance and Attending Presentations.

Healthcare Corporation TEPORE Chihaya

TEPORE is Italian for Warmth. This is the motto of this private nursing home and aged day-care center.

Internship Position

Day-care Center Dining Assistance and Recreation Activity Support.

MIMATSU Specialty Coffee Roaster

Coffee import business, barista school and coffee specialty shop.

Internship Position

Customer Assistance at the Café.

Photo-Rix Co., Ltd

Photographers for events including sport, dance, weddings and school entrance ceremonies. Planning and production of photo design.

Internship Position

Photographer Assistant, Photograph Processing on Computers

Business which accept Internships

IT schools
Korean Cultural Event Business
International Student Agency
Software Development Business
International Exchange NPO
English Conversation School
Korean Language School
Education Related NPO

After Completion of an Internship

After the completion of an internship, participants will receive an Evaluation Report and a Completion Certificate from the business where the internship was undertaken.