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Translation Course

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Translation Course

This course is aimed at Japanese language students who aspire to work in the translation industry in the future.

On top of an intensive curriculum focused on developing our students practical translation skills using a variety of materials. This course will also feature several guest lectures from professional translators who have significant experience working in the Translation Industry in Japan!

This course is held twice per year; between March and April, and June and July.

First round admissions are now OPEN!



Lesson Overview

Lesson Length:

180 min./day (three 60 min. lessons, five times per week)×4 weeks

Course Fee:


Prices include 10% tax, additional Enrollment fee of ¥10000 and Materials, Administration and Facility fee of ¥10000.

Level Requirement:

English speaking Japanese language learners JLPT N2 level or above

Starting Date:

Course to be held twice per year:

First round: March to April

Second Round: June to July

Lesson Overview

This is a course aimed at Japanese language students whose goal it is to work in the translation industry in the future. This hands-on course is taught by experienced professional translators with a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills required in everyday translation. Students will benefit from strengthening their all round Japanese language ability and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional translator.


Lesson Contents

  • Japanese Skills
    Concentrating on improving upper intermediate reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Japanese Current Affairs - Exploring Nuances
  • Japanese Expressions
  • Research Methods / Translation Skills Translation of reports & essays, novels & literary style, business documents, contracts, instruction booklets, letters, advertising, newspapers
  • Practical Application
  • Practical Translation


Please see the curriculum file for further details

The detailed schedule can be downloaded here.