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Special Seasonal Programs

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Special Seasonal Courses

Special seasonal courses only at WAHAHA! 
Our Summer Course, Autumn Course and New Year's Course all take advantage of long vacation periods and give you the best value for your money!

Autumn Course Course

Lesson Information

Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Japan due to the mild weather and the lovely Fall colors. As to the last point, there are many reasons to visit Japan as the leaves change from green to yellow, red and orange! Norther Kyushu is especially beautiful this time of year, and people come far and wide to take pictures of the natural beauty of our prefecture! This offers a truly unique experience for those able to come to Japan during this time, and is highly recommended for those who want to study an intense curriculum in beautiful surroundings! 


The Autumn course lasts until the end of the December! In that time, Japanese lessons can begin and end at any time - study for as long as you like!

Please contact us for more information regarding the schedule of our Autumn Course!

This YeaR's Activities

 Nakasu Jazz Festival (September 14 & 15)

 This year is the 11th edition of this jazz festival, bringing together top Japanese jazz artists.

Nokonoshima Cosmos 

Join us on a trip to nearby Nokonoshima Island (just a 10-minute ferry ride from Fukuoka) to see the spectacular cosmos in full bloom, as well as sunset views.


Still arguably the most popular sport in Japan, come join us as we experience a baseball game the Japanese way!

Hakata Tomyo Watching

Join us as we go to the Hakata neighborhood to see the Paper Lantern Festival – streets lit up with paper lanterns as far as the eye can see!

Fukuoka Oktoberfest

This beer festival is known and loved by German culture (and beer) lovers around the world. Come join us for Fukuoka’s take on this fall classic!


Japanese culture places great importance on the changing of the seasons and on fleeting moments. One such example, momijigari, or viewing the autumn leaves as they change color, is a classic fall tradition.


New Year's Course

Lesson Information
New Year's has always been a very special time of the year for the Japanese. They believe that the gods visit each family during this time bringing good fortune. There are a variety of traditions and customs that are followed in order to receive this good fortune. Our New Year's Course is more than just Japanese lessons. This special program gives participants the chance to enjoy Japanese New Year's culture and activities.

Two weeks: The last week of the year and the first week of the following year.
Japanese lessons can also begin and end at any time - study for as long as you like!

The detailed schedule can be downloaded here.

This YeaR's Activities

12/25 Christmas party

Celebrate a very Merry Christmas with your classmates and teachers at a Christmas party in Fukuoka.

12/28 Bounenkai - (End of the Year Party)

Forget your troubles and ring in the New Year the Japanese way!

12/31 Countdown at Enoh Temple! 

Go to a temple and ring in the New Year, Japanese-style!

01/03 Tamaseseri 

A unique festival where two teams compete for a large ball which is said to bring good fortune to whoever can lift it over his head!

01/06 Ozouni Party

Enjoy traditional Japanese New Year’s food like Ozouni, at our New Year’s Party at Wahaha.

01/07 Kakizome
The first calligraphy written at the beginning of a year.

01/10 Wearing Kimono
Experience wearing Kimono and walk around the city!

Summer Course

During the summer season from June through August, we offer a special Summer Course package in both a 2-week and 4-week program. Both of these programs include two group events or activities per week in addition to five, three-hour Intensive Group Japanese classes. 

WAHAHA organizes many events at school and at other places around Fukuoka. These experienced-based classes have been a huge hit for all those students who take part in them, they are definitely recommended! These events are open for other students to take part in, as well, but will require an extra fee.

Click here for more details!

what's included

Weeks Course

  • Standard Course (10 180-minute lessons)
  • 4 Activities and Culture Lessons

Weeks Course

  • Standard Course (20 180-minute lessons)
  • 8 Activities and Culture Lessons

Going to a baseball game, manga spot tour, visiting a beer brewery, etc.
Other seasonal events held during the summer festival period in Fukuoka.