Newspaper and Editorials

Online Newspaper and Editorials Course

Improve the concision and professionalism of your written Japanese,
while learning about journalism in Japan!

Instructor Introduction: Yachi-sensei

Our Newspaper and Editorials course is led by Yachi-sensei, a retired editor of the Yoimuiuri Shimbun where he worked for over 40 years!

Suitable Levels

The Newspaper and Editorial course is targeted towards those with at least upper intermediate level. (JLPT N3+ or equivalent)

Advanced learners interested in literature, journalism, or other forms or formal written Japanese are also encouraged to join.

Course Description

Using newspapers as a learning tool, students will gain a better understanding of the Japanese Society and improve their communication skills at the same time. The course begins with headline reading in order to equip students with the ability to anticipate when reading Newspaper materials. Getting familiarized with the anticipation process will enable students to improve their reading skills and grasp the whole picture even when encountering new words. On the other hand, the above training will also help improve understanding and organization skills in daily conversations.

Course Lesson Summary

Lesson 1
  • Characteristics of News Headline (1)
  • Particle Omission and Derivative Nouns
Lesson 2
  • Characteristics of News Headline (2)
  • Further explanations on the relationship between Derivative Nouns and their corresponding Verb forms.
  • Understanding News Abbreviations
  • Expressions commonly used in News Articles
Lesson 3
  • Understanding the composition of Newspaper Articles
    • Lead (Brief Summary
    • Story (Detailed Report
    • Supplement (Related Topics)
Lesson 4
  • News Reading and revision
Lesson 5
  • Guided discussion based on selected news topics with an aim to gain better understanding of the Japanese Society and Culture

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