Novel Appreciation

Online Novel Appreciation Course

Through Murakami's 「海辺のカフカ」Kafka on the Shore, we will expore how the author's specific uses of Japanese help convey the odd yet appealing depth the novel is acclaimed for.

Instructor Introduction: Yachi-sensei

Our Newspaper and Editorials course is led by Yachi-sensei, a retired editor of the Yoimuiuri Shimbun where he worked for over 40 years!

Suitable Levels

The Novel Appreciation course is targeted towards those with at least upper intermediate level. (JLPT N3+ or equivalent)

Advanced learners interested in literature, journalism, or other forms or formal written Japanese are also encouraged to join.

Course Description

By reading novels, you will deepen your understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Students will be guided to understand the story and learn how writers use different aspects of Japanese language such as grammar, choice of vocabulary, sentence structure, and You will develop your ability to express yourself elaborately in everyday conversation by developing the ability to grasp subtle nuances of conversations.

Course Lesson Summary

Lesson 1
  • First read through of Murakami’s「海辺のカフカ」Kafka on the Shore
  • Learn the meaning of words based on context, without using a dictionary
  • Grasping the overall setting and style of the literature
Lesson 2
  • Determine the motives of the characters based on context
  • Determine the ages and genders of the characters based on context
Lesson 3
  • Determine the connection and relationship between specific details and the novel as a whole
  • Understanding the structure of the novel and how the structure applies to different scopes of the novel
Lesson 4
  • Characteristic styles and grammatical rules around verb tenses pertinent to (Japanese) novels, and how the nuanced meaning differs from standard grammar.
Lesson 5
  • Gead「一人称複数」while taking advantage of what we have covered in lessons 1-4
  • Talk about our impressions of the new text and how we applied our knowledge to increase our understanding of it

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